Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Webshops 2

For most of you it is now holiday so some of you are might looking for a new bag. This site can help you with finding the one you like.

Nice bags they have to put on your wishlist

1 Studs - 68,00 euro
2 Pyramid stud&mini chain - 75,00 euro
3 Iza grijs/ Iza chestnut - 21,00 euro (But of the bags are in sale now)

* Make sure you know this is a Dutch site so you've got to pay in euro *


They sell kawaii lucky pussy's (the ones they sell also i china town), mystery bags and special things.

Nice stuff they have to put on your wishlist
1 Lucky pussy's. You've got very much of them for friendship, love and so on.
2 Think Happy Thoughts. It's a box with 10 little bags in it. There is something in every bag for sure a lucky pussy or a piggy zippie and a Grow a note card.
3 Pirate shell safe keeper. A kawaii box to put in your jewellery.

* Make sure you know that this is a Dutch site so you've got to pay in euro *


They sell jewelery from Disney couture, nailpolish from China Glaze and Essie and more.

Nice stuff they have to put on you wishlist
1 The whole China Glaze wizard of ooh ahz returns ( http://fashion-fantasies.blogspot.com/2010/06/burlesque-for-opi.html )
2 Konad nailart imageplates ( you've got to have a stamp set for this)
3 China Glaze's pink in Paris collection


  1. WOW, thanks for this list and their respective links, xoxo

  2. wow...i can't wait to visit these sites! thanks for sharing!

    just stumbled upone your blog and i have to say its LOVELY.

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  3. thanx for this list!
    can't wait to visit this sites.

  4. hi Edith!

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