Sunday, September 11, 2011

What teenVOGUE's june/july 2009 issue means to me

My love for fashion started on the 18th of July, my birthday. For my birthday I asked a Issue of teenVOGUE. I received 2 issue's, the first one on midnight. My mom told me to sleep but instead of that I fliped through the magazine. With on the cover Selena Gomez, back then in the Netherlands (where I live) still unknown. I loved to see Louise Ebel's outfit in Models Off Duty and the A.P.C. skirt in the "Summerland" shoot had a simalair print as my Zara flower top (back then one of my favourite pieces and one of my first fashion purchases of my own money). I decided it would be great if I would know more about fashion. And that's really how it stared of, that summer my style changed drastically. I am very happy about that, and I would never want to change it in my live. I love spending hours in the H&M finding perfect pieces, bargain accesoires, putting outfits together and of course blogging.

I haven't post often the past year. I have lost my style a bit because of some circumstancas I was in, I am still not back for a 100%. But it's getting there, I am sure.

So everybody who is following me, comments or reads my blog. Thank you, I will try to make my blog better and I hope I will be able to get back the way I was.

Everybody a big thank you, it means a lot to me,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

newest Dior J'ADORE commercial

I'am a huge fan of fragrance commercial's, this is Dior's newest.