Sunday, September 11, 2011

What teenVOGUE's june/july 2009 issue means to me

My love for fashion started on the 18th of July, my birthday. For my birthday I asked a Issue of teenVOGUE. I received 2 issue's, the first one on midnight. My mom told me to sleep but instead of that I fliped through the magazine. With on the cover Selena Gomez, back then in the Netherlands (where I live) still unknown. I loved to see Louise Ebel's outfit in Models Off Duty and the A.P.C. skirt in the "Summerland" shoot had a simalair print as my Zara flower top (back then one of my favourite pieces and one of my first fashion purchases of my own money). I decided it would be great if I would know more about fashion. And that's really how it stared of, that summer my style changed drastically. I am very happy about that, and I would never want to change it in my live. I love spending hours in the H&M finding perfect pieces, bargain accesoires, putting outfits together and of course blogging.

I haven't post often the past year. I have lost my style a bit because of some circumstancas I was in, I am still not back for a 100%. But it's getting there, I am sure.

So everybody who is following me, comments or reads my blog. Thank you, I will try to make my blog better and I hope I will be able to get back the way I was.

Everybody a big thank you, it means a lot to me,



  1. Sometimes you just get an inspiration break :D I know the feeling so well!


  2. helloooo Edith long time no see...miss you by the way
    it's okay dear if your posponed by a moment!it's happened on me too, but i'm back!
    thank you for your lovely comment on my first blog!you've really made my day...and thank you so much for the rewards that you ever gave to me! i'll show it A.S.AP on my new blog...
    waiting you in blogging again dear...


  3. It doesn't matter. You're very welcome, Edith :)
    I always love your blog
    Keep in touch

    Warm Love,
    Pinkie Anggia

  4. Vad lycklig jag blir över att din sommare blev SÅ bra, du som var så skeptiskt. Men det låter som ett underbart ställe, "er" stuga, ett litet paradis


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