Saturday, August 28, 2010

Outfit Inspiration+ Something I don't know how to call

You've might kept some colourbooks and sketchboos of you when you were a child when you can't even hold your pencil, this girl can't even reach that (I sat next to here in class and she sketched a catwalk, thats why). Well there was this girl in my class, she was like 5% brazilian or something and she also was born there well actually her mum got her in the plane to holland, so I don't which country to call. But okay she is always like: I've got my own clothing line in Brazilia, I was scout by modelscouts. And you know what of course it's not true. She has a OMG style and I mean everyone can change it how they like it but you can't say it has that fashion-y feeling. And she also can't be a model. So why lie about that. I mean not everyone has that talent. So I want to say with this: Never lie about yourself because you might say some really really stupid things like above here.

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XOXO (no I still haven't watched gossip girl, shame on me)

Whitney Port + Roxy Olin

Paris Vogue front row at Paris Fashion Week

A Stitch bubble blower

A Chanel last season but still pretty it-bag

Ballentine dolls from Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington


  1. Vad lycklig jag blir över att din sommare blev SÅ bra, du som var så skeptiskt. Men det låter som ett underbart ställe, "er" stuga, ett litet paradis


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