Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bulling because of clothes

I just read on the internet that the way people dress is the biggest reason why people are bullied. Countries were this happend a lot are: Italy, Portugal and Holland. I life in holland so I was a bit shocked about it. But it is true i life in a small village so a need to bike to a bigger village for school. It is a little school, so everyone is watching everyone. So wen your having a fight with 1 person. You've got 50 others who hate you. And the way someone dress is important. Most girls on my school a wearing casuel and basic things. I don't like it basic. So I became the weird and strange girl. I don't hate to be that because i like to be different. But i've you don't have the confident and friends, than you will be bullied. So I want to say to the people who are bulling others because of the clothes: PLEASE DONT DO IT. Of course I sometimes think that other people look weird or are wearing ugly things. Everyone does that, and you can't help that. But you can stop the bulling. So just don't do it.

This is were I found the articele:

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