Friday, June 18, 2010

What is your style?

I adore doing quizes so i decided to make one. Found out what your style is.

1 You've got a party on school what are you wearing?
A What I was wearing the whole day, a t-shirt with some jeans and sneakers.
B I bought a cute vintage dress at a unknown store from a old lady were bought
it for just $5,00.
C I was looking for a dress since 2 months, you've found one from australia (when
you life in australia you've found one in Spane) and you go to the hair sallon
and you did let your nails done and you......
D A dress from h&m.

2 Whose your idol?
A Someone in the sport.
B A style blogger or Coco Channel.
C Paris Hilton.
D Rihanna.

3 What are you wearing on normal days?
A Always jeans with sneakers and a colorful shirt.
B Things that I am shore of that knowone on earth looks like this.
C Something pink, skinny jeans, and pumps always pumps.
D Always one-thing eyecatching.

4 What is your favorite store?
A A sportstore.
B Secondhandstores.
C New Yorker.
D H&M, Zara or something else on the highstreet.

5 What do you think about Fashion?
A I don't like it, but if someone else do like it that's their choice.
B I love it it will be my future.
C I like it but what the future will bring I don't know
D I follow the world a bit. But i won't work in that industry

Mostly A
Your a sportive kind of person, You Love to keep it simple.
Brands you will love: Converse, Vans

Mostly B
Your belong it the world of Fashion, You've got your one style.
Brands you will love: Numph, Topshop, and secondhand

Mostly C
Your a girly girl for shore.
Brands you will love: Zara, Lipsy London

Mostly D
You're love trends but you're not quit shore about the future in fashion.
Brands you will love: Everyting on the high street


  1. Okay, I'm mostly B. Great quiz!

  2. Lovely quiz, ik had meestal D!
    Je moet meer quizjes maken, ik hou van quizjes invullen x
    Ik volg jouw blog, wil je de mijne volgen:


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